1. <20 minute speed painting inspired by Destiny.


  2. Art never fucking stops man.


  3. One of my tasks at work is to slowly gear up for our pre-production happening this year, following the conclusion of a number of our projects. 

    I was told to practice, so I am.


  4. Today I’m heading to the office to give bones to the 3D mesh of the Dragonfly drone I’ve been building for the past two months for my contract. I’ve seen this beautiful son of a bitch from its larvae stage to its glorious 3D ‘unfolding its arms and crawling like a boss in a test-stage environment’. 

    The feeling of triumph. TRIUMPH.

    Fuck you Dragonfly, you will always be my first.


  5. Took an hour today to just speed paint up this guy. Not sure what the fuck was going on.


  6. Painters gonna paint. Less than 30 minutes from shape to paint.


  7. Vrrrrooooom. People were talking during a meeting so I kit/photobashed this like a roguepainter.


  8. An hour long break in the day to put this together.


  9. I saw Elysium today and it inspired me.

    Then I realized that this turned out Tau as fuck, so I’m really, sincerely, sorry.